Occupational Therapy

The ability to perform everyday activities is something that all children need to do. A child’s occupation is to play, make friends and learn.  Your child will use these skills throughout their entire life. If a child has difficulty with everyday activities, then early identification and intervention  can make a world of difference to a child.  The team of Occupational Therapists at OneOnOne Children’s Therapy bring a wide range of expertise and experience. Our goal is to have your child functioning effectively across all environments.

Occupational Therapy Assessments

Our Occupational Therapy assessment for your child is carried out in a relaxed, fun-filled environment. Children have an Occupational Therapy assessment when they may be having difficulty with one or some of the following areas:

  • balance or co-ordination
  • self care such as buttons, zippers, shoelaces or getting dressed
  • sequencing the steps in a task such as packing the school bag
  • postural control so that they slouch when they sit or stand, or put their head on the desk when they write
  • avoiding writing, colouring or cutting
  • handwriting is slow or messy, and letters may be poorly formed
  • movements are awkward or clumsy and they may avoid sports

We always use tests that are either standardised or norm-referenced. At the end of the assessment we will discuss with you the outcomes of the assessment and make recommendations depending on the strengths and weakness of your child’s development and learning.

Planning for therapy is based on the therapist’s assessment and the parents’ main concerns.  We develop achievable goals for your child and set up therapy sessions to fit with the family timetable.

Occupational Therapy Intervention

Therapy sessions are strongly focused fun activities that very specifically target intervention gaols. When children are enjoying the activity they are doing, then they learn better. There is close involvement with family members and awareness of the needs of the child across the home and other environments.

Individual sessions are usually once a week, but this is dependent on the needs of your child. Individual Occupational Therapy sessions are usually 45 minutes in length. Your child has specific goals that intervention will address. We track these goals. It is ideal if activities are followed through at home, but we work with each family to achieve this.