The importance of a pincer grasp Posted by: Susan Marden • 22 Aug, 2017

A pincer grasp is  a developmental milestone which allows a child to pick up small objects with their thumb and forefinger. It normally develops between the ages of 9-12 months. Children who have an immature grasp will find it difficult to play with small toys such as blocks and beads. They may also struggle to independently complete self care tasks such as dressing (clasping buttons, zips and laces) and eating with cutlery. It will also effect their fine motor development in the lead up to school. Children with a weak pincer grasp may find it difficult to control a pencil for drawing or cut out shapes. Below are some activities where your child can use everyday household items to strengthen their pincer grasp. Remind them to “pinch” the objects using their thumb and pointer finger. If your child continues to have difficulties with their pincer development please speak to your occupational therapist.


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