Should I worry about my child ‘W’ sitting? Posted by: Susan Marden • 27 Feb, 2017

‘W’ sitting is when you sit on your bottom, with knees bent, feet tucked under and out to each side in a “W” configuration. W sitting is a position that provides a wide base of support for children to feel stable and balanced when sitting. Children with weak posture and /or difficulties staying balanced may adopt this position. W sitting hinders a child’s development of midline crossing and strong trunk control (core strength).Frequent and prolonged W sitting is detrimental to a child’s development.  If your child W sits encourage them to “fix your legs” (and sit with legs crossed), kneel with their knees together and feet together or lie on their tummy.

If your child continues to sit in a ‘W’ position then they my need to see an Occupational Therapist so that the underlying cause can be addressed.


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